How Does SnapDivorce Work?

Advantages of SnapDivorce versus traditional divorceSnapDivorce vs. Traditional Divorce

SnapDivorce has many advantages over Traditional Divorce. Among them are significantly reduced costs, quick resolution, privacy, and a professional analysis of your case. SnapDivorce eliminates the need for attorneys, and significantly reduces conflict. SnapDivorce is designed to gather all of the information needed promptly. It eliminates “game playing” by attorneys, and is not subject to the delays endemic to the family court system.

Finally, Snap Divorce is convenient and private. No waiting around in a dingy, public courthouse for a judge to get to your case. No discussing your private personal and financial matters in front of strangers in a courtroom. No endless delays and continuances. No missed work days because you have to appear in court.

In the past, divorcing parties have had few other options. Divorce in the United States has traditionally been handled through the adversarial civil litigation system. Each party is expected to hire a lawyer to “fight” for their rights and present their case to the judge. This Common Law system, which was formed hundreds of years ago in England and hasn’t changed much since, is a terrible way to process divorce. It’s the equivalent of trying to cure disease with bloodletting. It’s barbaric. It’s complicated, expensive, and it provokes needless antagonism in already tense circumstances. Individuals absolutely do not need their own individual attorneys. That is a myth perpetrated by the very system that benefits from it. What individuals need is someone who knows the law and applies it fairly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. That has not been an option. Until SnapDivorce.