How Does SnapDivorce Work?

Is SnapDivorce legally binding?Is it Legally Binding?

Binding Arbitration in divorce cases is completely legal, fair, and binding. Businesses have used Binding Arbitration to resolve their disputes for years. The process has some similarities to Traditional Divorce. In both, a case is investigated and prepared, then argued before a judge who renders a decision. Traditional Divorce uses an attorney for each side, who argues in a public court of law before a publicly-elected judge. Binding Arbitration uses an attorney for each side, who argues in a private court of law – sometimes just a boardroom or other office – before a private judge. Judges in both situations deliver their decisions in the form of a court order.

What SnapDivorce did was look at the processes, choosing those legal features from each that work most efficiently. Then we combined them. SnapDivorce acts as both investigator, arguer, and decision-maker. We funnel that decision through the court, which then confirms with a court order. This creates huge efficiencies, which in turn, benefit you.