How Does SnapDivorce Work?

What are the steps to getting a SnapDivorce?What are the Steps to Getting a SnapDivorce?

SnapDivorce employs an easy process, in three steps, that completes all the work necessary to finalize your divorce for one low, flat fee. In addition to being simple and efficient, the process is designed to protect the interests of the parties, as would happen in court.

The three steps include: (1) an Initial Meeting, (2) an Investigation Phase, and (3) a Divorce Resolution Conference.

(1) At the Initial Meeting, a SnapDivorce Navigator meets with the divorcing couple to gather the background information needed to investigate and process the divorce. This includes an overview of the case, an exchange of general personal and financial information, and a period of discussion for the two parties to state their positions and concerns. The Navigator identifies and resolves any issues in the case that need immediate attention. The Navigator formulates a plan to gather and process the financial information needed for resolution. The initial meeting(s) are scheduled at the convenience of the parties in the privacy of our office, and usually take between one to two hours. The couple may meet together or separately, depending on what is most comfortable.

(2) During the Investigation Phase, which usually lasts between 30-60 days, your SnapDivorce Navigator and professional team will obtain all of the information necessary to analyze and resolve the issues in your case. We gather this directly from the financial institutions and relevant entities – in short, anyone who can document the marital assets. This relieves you of the burden of gathering this information yourself. Couples often find this part of Traditional Divorce to be the most tedious. It is labor intensive and time-consuming. It requires an enormous amount of time to make phone calls, process requests, sign authorizations – and then do it all over again when you don’t get what you need the first time. SnapDivorce can spend the time to do this right, because that is one of the things your flat fee pays us to do.

The SnapDivorce Navigator then reviews all relevant information and creates a SnapDivorce pre-conference analysis. That will be used by the SnapDivorce arbitrators as a guide during the Divorce Resolution Conference.

Also, if any additional issues arise in your case that need urgent attention during the Investigation Phase, SnapDivorce arbitrators are available on-call to resolve those issues.

(3) A SnapDivorce Resolution Conference is held in the privacy of one of our offices after the investigation phase is complete. At this conference, a SnapDivorce arbitrator reviews all the issues in your case with both parties, and asks questions that are pertinent to the resolution. Each side also has the opportunity to once again present facts and issues they believe should be considered by the arbitration panel. The entire proceeding is recorded.

Promptly following the Divorce Resolution Conference, a panel of three SnapDivorce arbitrators meets to discuss the case and render a fair, impartial decision. A written Divorce Arbitration Award memorializes that decision. A simple, no-fault divorce is then processed by an affiliated attorney (included in the flat-fee price), and the award is confirmed by the court upon entry of the divorce decree.

The SnapDivorce resolution, now in the form of a divorce decree, becomes enforceable as an order of court.