Look over the figures below. They are not exaggerated to convince you that Traditional Divorce is grotesquely expensive. It is grotesquely expensive. These are true estimates of the cost to divorce in Pennsylvania, including attorneys’ fees and charges for all the filings, analyses, consultations, motions, hearings, conferences, petitions, and appraisals you can expect with a Traditional Divorce.

 With SnapDivorce, you won’t face such numbers. You will know, up front, how much your divorce will cost. SnapDivorce could save you an average of $45,000 or more on your divorce. Because we think you can find something better to do with $45,000 than spend it on legal fees.

CHAL Cost Infograph

SnapDivorce is able to charge you a low flat fee for two reasons.

One, we’ve been doing this for decades. We know how to cut to the chase, so we don’t waste your time and money with false hopes and extravagant claims. A good attorney can predict within 15 minutes what the outcome of your case is likely to be. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life only to come up with the same result SnapDivorce can get you for $9,750 in six months?

Two, we streamline the process by doing the work ourselves. We zero in on what we need to make a fair judgment, and sideline the rest. We don’t have the wasteful back-and-forth with opposing lawyers. You don’t waste your time and money sitting around in a courthouse waiting for a judge. You save money and we come to a more efficient conclusion.

The SnapDivorce fee includes the following: two conferences with our Divorce Navigators – one at the beginning of the process, and one at the end; the solicitation and gathering of all “discovery” materials – financial documents essential to establishing worth, assets, and income differentials; financial analyses; an independent home appraisal; any necessary interim orders concerning support, assets or other relevant matters; a final written decision rendered by a panel of three experienced divorce arbitrators; the filing and processing of all legal documents with the court in your jurisdiction; and the final, court-authorized Decree in Divorce.

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