Is SnapDivorce Divorce Mediation and Arbitration The Right Choice For You?

SnapDivorce Divorce Mediation and Arbitration is designed to help couples that would otherwise hire attorneys to litigate their divorce in court resolve their cases fairly and efficiently. Apart from those in the simplest of cases, most divorcing couples will benefit tremendously from using SnapDivorce. It is probably easier to identify the cases for which SnapDivorce may NOT be the best option.

SnapDivorce may not be the best option for couples that, (1) have been in relatively short marriages (1-3 years), (2) have little or no assets, debts, or joint property (such as a house), (3) have no children, and (4) have approximately equal incomes. Couples meeting all of these criteria might be better off getting what is known as a “simple” divorce, meaning a divorce in which there no issues of property distribution, support, custody, or other matters to be raised. A simple divorce is the type of divorce you see advertised on the Internet for a ridiculously low price (e.g. $199). If you don’t meet all of these criteria, however, a simple divorce is absolutely not right for you – you will lose important rights and options.

That means in all other cases, SnapDivorce is most likely your best option to resolve your divorce fairly and efficiently for one low, flat fee. If you have marital assets or debts to divide, own joint property with your spouse, have children, and/or have a need for child support or spousal support (alimony), then SnapDivorce is right for you. Why spend tens of thousand of dollars each to resolve the issues in your divorce when SnapDivorce can do it for one low flat fee?

In short, SnapDivorce is simply the best option for most divorcing couples. Even if you are already in the midst of contentious litigation, we can take over and resolve your case, sparing you the time, cost and stress associated with traditional divorce.