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Why You Should Let a Divorce Arbitrator Decide the Outcome of Your Divorce

Most people want to feel like they can control the outcome of their divorce. They have the idea that it is possible to “win” in their divorce if they hire an “aggressive” attorney, or if they “fight” hard enough. They have gotten this idea from Hollywood, and from their friends. These are probably the two worst sources of information for those involved in a divorce in real time and in the real world. The actress Ellen Barkin reportedly received $20 million in her divorce from investor Ronald Perelman. Your neighbor’s cousin may have gotten three homes and the family dog in his divorce. Your college roommate may have walked away with total custody of the children. All of this has nothing to do with your case.

One of the most fitting quotes about divorce comes from the character Gavin D’Amato (Danny DeVito) in the movie The War of the Roses, in which Gavin says, “There is no winning, only degrees of losing.” It’s true. No one ever feels like they got everything they deserved in a divorce. The key to a “successful” divorce is to get through it without massive expense and long delays. Your goal is a fair and equitable resolution.

The reality is that someone else is going to decide the outcome of your case. In most cases, it’s a judge – often an overworked judge with little experience practicing family law. Judges have thousands of cases on their dockets, and not enough time to devote to a substantial review of each. Or maybe it’s the lawyers who settle the case after years of discovery, motions, court hearings, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses. By either of these routes, the couple is often worn down from years of fighting. The kids’ college savings are spent, the equity in the home is spent, and you still had to borrow money from your elderly parents to pay legal fees. And for what? For the very same outcome that a good divorce lawyer could have predicted on day one.

With SnapDivorce, you avoid this nightmare. You get a team of experienced divorce professionals who are focused on resolving your case fairly and efficiently. Your case is thoroughly investigated and analyzed by professionals with the time to do it justice. You have an opportunity to present the factors that you think are important. A panel of three neutral divorce lawyers reviews the facts of your case, using years of experience to render a fair and equitable decision. In most cases, the divorce is resolved in under six months, so you can get on with your life. And SnapDivorce does it all for a reasonable flat fee.

Ultimately, the question isn’t why would you let a Divorce Arbitrator from SnapDivorce decide your case. The question is, why would you do it any other way?