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Your Simple 3-Step Path to Divorce

SnapDivorce® makes divorce simple by eliminating the need for expensive attorneys and court appearances. Our experts use the long-established principles of mediation and arbitration to resolve your divorce under one roof.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Mediation Sessions
  3. Divorce Resolution

SnapDivorce® Eliminates the Complexity and Frustration of Divorce

Modern Convenience

With flexible appointments in-office or over the phone, you can resolve your divorce at your convenience.

Full Service - Start to Finish

SnapDivorce® makes divorce simple, because our team of experienced mediators handle the entire process for you. We’re there for you every step of the way.

You’re in Control

You’re involved in every decision along the way. That means you’ll guide the outcome of your case to achieve a satisfying result.

A Road Map Forward

Imagine the future you desire. We’ll help you achieve it by working with you to develop a clear road map forward.

Secure Your Future

Your future security is important. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars over a traditional divorce with SnapDivorce®. That’s money you can invest in your future.

Peace of Mind

SnapDivorce® eliminate the chaos of divorce. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing you chose the amicable way to resolve your divorce.

Let Our Experience Help You Achieve The Future You Imagine

  • Experienced Attorney-Mediators focused on your family and future
  • Resolving divorces successfully for over 30 years

Our Pittsburgh Divorce Mediation Office

500 Grant Street, Suite 2900, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15219

Divorce Mediation in Pittsburgh, PA

SnapDivorce’s Pittsburgh divorce mediation office is located on the 29th floor at 500 Grant Street, Suite 2900, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15219, just a few minutes from the Allegheny River. The office is located in the BNY Mellon Center and is .within walking distance to the Allegheny County Courthouse, Pittsburgh City Hall and the US District Court.

Our Pittsburgh Divorce Mediation Office Hours:

SnapDivorce’s Pittsburgh Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, and it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

We are proud to serve Pittsburgh (The Steel City) which is home to some of the most patriotic sports franchises such as The Pirates, The Steelers, and The Penguins. Pittsburgh is also known for the beautiful and impressive Carnegie Museum of Natural History and its incredible skyline which contains over 30 skyscrapers.


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“Thank you. These things are always difficult no matter the circumstances and you made it essentially stress free.” Diane B.

“Thank you . . . for handling this without any undue stress on [my ex-wife] and myself.” Eric S.

“My friends who had gone through divorces [using lawyers] couldn’t believe how easily I got my divorce done[through SnapDivorce].” Anne C.

“I highly recommend SnapDivorce for anyone looking for a divorce mediator.” Paul V.

“[SnapDivorce] makes the entire process hassle free and cost effective for any couple who is looking for the simple alternative to a lengthy court battle.” Christine S.

“Kevin Handy is an excellent divorce mediator. I send everyone I know going through a divorce to him.” Virginia Y.

“What you are doing is providing a civil, responsible, and extremely practical alternative to folks going through divorce. Whenever I become aware of folks going through divorce I suggest they go to you.” Scott D.

“I am extremely grateful for your support through this entire process. I would recommend no other to anyone I speak with going through a divorce as you . . . have been terrific.” Barbara K.

“Thanks again! I promise to refer your group to everyone!” Roberta E.

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