SnapDivorce® was created by a team of divorce professionals who, like you, were concerned about the animosity, stress, and out of control costs of the traditional divorce process. It was created for couples who want to divorce amicably with expert guidance from neutral divorce professionals.

SnapDivorce® was originally conceived by divorce attorney Kevin Handy while sitting in a courtroom waiting for a judge to hear a case that should never have ended up there. Mr. Handy’s client, Robert, was divorcing his wife of 30 years. Both Robert and has wife earned six-figure salaries. Both had sizable retirement accounts. At the outset of the case Mr. Handy had proposed a 50-50 division of assets that was fair and logical. It was rejected by his wife and her attorney. Instead, she fought with acrimony for more than 50%, even though Mr. Handy knew the court would eventually rule against her. But that morning—when the court, in fact, did rule against her—Mr. Handy felt no sense of victory.

The couple had wasted over a year of their precious time fighting. And they had wasted $60,000 of their marital money. That’s a college education. The down payment on a new house. A trip around the world, for two. Instead, the sum vaporized in the brutal arena of traditional divorce litigation, all to reach what Mr. Handy knew was the obvious and pre-determined outcome of the case. Most upsettingly to Mr. Handy, none of this was usual in divorce litigation.

Mr. Handy thought there had to be a better way. Among his frustrations were:
  • The unnecessary duplicate actions of other attorneys
  • An unresponsive and overburdened court system
  • And costs that exceeded all estimates.
SnapDivorce® Founders

If a couple is going to divorce anyway, he thought, why not get it over efficiently and at a reasonable cost? The level of waste in the system is absurd, and unnecessary. Mr. Handy was raised in a large family in a middle-class suburb outside Philadelphia. His father always taught him to spend his time and money wisely, and the behavior stuck, from the first job through the end of law school and into private practice. So that morning in divorce court, Mr. Handy had seen about as much as he could take of couples blowing everything for the sake of revenge.

It was when Mr. Handy thought, “if I was going through a divorce, how would I want to get it resolved?” that the idea for SnapDivorce® was born – a streamlined process that uses neutral divorce professionals to craft a fair professional result, eliminates the need for expensive attorneys, and keeps the parties out of the court, all for a reasonable flat fee.

Mr. Handy, along with his like-minded colleagues and other divorce professionals, worked to design SnapDivorce® for couples that don’t want to waste money or slug it out. Couples who want to retain control over a process that can be fair and simple.

SnapDivorce® is guided divorce. You retain more control through this process than you would retain through any other path to divorce. The attorney-mediators have years of experience, and they will show you how to proceed without destroying your own cause.


Our mission at SnapDivorce® is to make divorce as simple and amicable as possible for couples by delivering full-service professional guidance and results from start to finish at a reasonable cost.

All of our attorney-mediators and professionals are dedicated to this mission and are continuously looking for ways to improve the process to make it as simple and stress-free as possible for you, our customers.


  • Make the Entire Divorce Process as Simple as Possible for our Customers

    Divorce is complicated, even for simple cases. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for couples.

  • Provide Local Professional Guidance

    Divorce and custody is an inherently local practice, based on complex jurisdiction-specific rules and unwritten customs. That’s why all of our mediators and arbitrators are real local divorce professionals. We are not a distant do-it-yourself website or lawyer referral service.

  • Encourage Fair Settlements and Deliver Clear and Practical Agreements

    Couples in traditional mediation frequently end up with unfair or unworkable settlements due to unknowledgeable mediators or 1970s-style free form mediation. Our professionals provide modern guidance based on actual family law litigation experience, and we deliver comprehensive and clearly written agreements to avoid future disputes.

  • Keep Our Clients Informed Every Step of the Way

    We understand that our clients want to know what is going on with their case. That’s why we’ll keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

  • Help Couples Save Money by Avoiding Litigation

    Saving money is important to securing your future. Our goal is the help couples avoid wasting tens of thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees on traditional divorce litigation, so they can invest in their future.

All of us at SnapDivorce® look forward to helping you make your divorce as simple and stress-free as possible.

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