Looking for a Change?

Looking for a

Are you tired of the stress and animosity regularly involved in divorce
litigation? Fed up with dealing with impolite attorneys, overworked judges,
and the costs and delays pervasive in the court system? Are you interested
in making a positive impact in your clients’ lives by helping them resolve
their divorces simply, amicably, and privately, while gaining control over
your schedule?

SnapDivorce® is Expanding

Have you thought about becoming a part-time or full-time divorce mediator, or expanding your existing family law practice through divorce mediation?

Well, you’re in luck. SnapDivorce®, a premier divorce mediation firm, is expanding. We are actively looking for skilled, personable, currently practicing divorce attorneys in Texas (Houston and El Paso) and California (all areas with 5+ years of experience to join our team. We will also consider attorneys in other locations who are interested in bringing SnapDivorce to their jurisdiction.

This is a great opportunity for divorce attorneys looking to make a positive change in both their clients’ lives and their professional practices.

If you’re
interested, drop
us at note with a
copy of your
Resume or CV