SnapDivorce’s Modern Divorce
Mediation Process Delivers a Better
Experience and Superior Results

SnapDivorce’s Modern
Divorce Mediation Process
Delivers a Better
Experience and Superior

It is designed for forward-thinking couples, like you, whose shared goal is
to protect their family from emotional and financial hardship, and foster a
positive future. Our commitment to expediting a fair and amicable resolution
for you through mediation begins when you and your spouse agree to
address your separation issues and concerns outside of court and settle
the divorce on your own terms.


Your Simple 3-Step
Path to Divorce

Our team of experts will closely guide you and your spouse through the mediation and divorce process.







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The SnapDivorce® Promise

Our commitment to improving the divorce experience is reflected in our motto, “Divorce Made Simple.” While the mediation and divorce process may seem overwhelming at times, you’ll feel confident knowing that our compassionate team of attorney-mediators will keep you informed each step of the way and remain dedicated to helping you and your spouse achieve the positive outcome you deserve.

1Initial Consultation

The first step in the SnapDivorce® process is the initial consultation. The consultation is comfortable, confidential, and lasts about an hour. Because we prioritize trust and transparency, both parties are required to attend. Having both you and your spouse present during the consultation ensures the process remains fair and unbiased.

During this phase, you will:

  • Meet with a neutral attorney-mediator to openly discuss the facts and unique circumstances of your case
  • Review and consider any initial agreements you may have reached
  • Address in detail all questions and concerns you have about the process

We understand the stress associated with legal costs. Your SnapDivorce® attorney-mediator will alleviate your concern by quoting you a flat fee for the services you require upon completion of the consultation session.

2Mediation Sessions

Once you have retained SnapDivorce®, your first mediation session is scheduled. You will meet with one of our local expertly trained mediators to develop a tailored divorce solution.

During Mediation, you and your spouse will:

  • Discuss your financial and child custody issues with your attorney-mediator
  • Explore and agree upon viable ways to resolve the issues and concerns unique to your case
  • If appropriate, employ the use of additional financial experts—such as pension or real estate appraisers, or psychologists for delicate child custody situations
  • Discuss, review, and approve the necessary documents your attorney-mediator will draft such as the Marital Settlement, Support, or Custody Agreements

SnapDivorce® employs an evaluative style of mediation. That means we use our professional insight, experience, and knowledge to empower you and your spouse to take control of your divorce and arrive at a mutually favorable outcome. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions, and we always remain mindful of the sensitive nature of divorce, especially when it comes to child custody

3Divorce Resolution

After both parties sign all relevant agreements, the final step will prove painless for you and your spouse because SnapDivorce® or an independent attorney (state dependent) will:

  • Process your divorce through the court system
  • Prepare and submit all time-sensitive documents and forms
  • Guide you in completing tasks required by the terms of your Agreement, which may include: implementing property transfers through deeds; the preparation and entry of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to effectuate retirement fund transfers; and the like