The Divorce Rulebook Podcast

If you’re thinking about divorce, or midst of one, this podcast is for you. Kevin Handy, Esq. and Pat Cooley, Esq., two highly experienced divorce attorneys and mediators, give you the information you need to successfully navigate the divorce process, and avoid the numerous pitfalls that await you.

Episode 10:
Can I Move Out of the House During My Divorce?

Should you stay or should you go? The decision to move out of the marital residence during a divorce is […]

Episode 9:
How Are Marital Assets Divided in Divorce?

Getting divorced is like breaking up a business partnership – the assets and debts acquired during the marriage have to […]

Episode 8:
How to Win Your Child Custody Case

A common question from parents starting the divorce process is, ”how do I win my child custody case?” In this […]

Episode 7:
Why is Divorce so Expensive?

Everybody has heard that divorce is incredibly expensive. Is it true? Does divorce have to be expensive? In this episode […]

Episode 6:
How to Find a Divorce Lawyer or Divorce Mediator

Finding a good divorce lawyer or divorce mediator is extremely difficult. There are a lot of bad lawyers out there […]

Episode 5:
The Top 12 Ways to Protect Yourself in Divorce

One of the most frequent questions people have at the outset of a divorce is, “how to I protect myself?” […]

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