How Much Divorce Mediation Costs in Rochester, NY

The cost of divorce mediation is largely dependent on the relationship between the parties and the complexity of the case, making the cost of divorce mediation slightly different for everyone.

The Average Cost of Divorce Mediation in Rochester, NY is between $4,000-$8,000

a photo that shows the average cost of divorce mediation in Rochester, NYThe average cost of divorce mediation in Rochester, NY is between $4,000-$8,000. At our Rochester, NY divorce mediation office, this estimated amount includes 1-4 mediation sessions, the preparation of a stipulation of settlement, and the cost to prepare and file the paperwork for a divorce. The estimated range is also inclusive of all costs and expenses (including filing fees) to get your divorce completed through the divorce mediation process.

The exact cost of mediation in any particular case, however, depends on many factors, including the complexity of the parties’ finances, whether custody of children is involved, the animosity of the parties, whether the parties’ have already reached any agreements, and the ability of the parties to compromise.

However, not all cases that are resolved or processed by a divorce mediator actually involve or require mediation. If the parties live in Rochester, NY, the cost to process a “simple divorce,” meaning a divorce with no other issues (financial, custody or otherwise), is $2,200 – $3,500, which includes court fees of approximately $335. Similarly, if the parties live in Rochester, NY, and they have already reached an agreement on all the issues in their divorce, including (if applicable) distribution of property, maintenance, child custody and support, and just need a properly drafted stipulation of settlement to memorialize their agreement, as well as their divorce filed and processed, then the divorce can usually be completed for less than $3,000. Although understanding the cost of divorce mediation is essential, it is also important to understand how the divorce mediation process works in Rochester, NY.

In Comparison to a Mediated Divorce, the Average Cost of a Litigated Divorce in Rochester, NY is $50,000.

In contrast to a mediated divorce, the average total cost of a litigated divorce in Rochester, NY, in which each side a photo that explains that mediated divorce is more affordable in Rochester, NYretains his or her own attorney, is approximately $50,000 that is $25,000 for each party). On the higher end of the spectrum, in cases with contentious parties who approach their divorce as adversaries and/or have complex financial child custody and support issues that cannot be resolved between the parties without significant court intervention, litigation costs easily reach $100,000 or more.