How SnapDivorce Can Help You Avoid Family Court

SnapDivorce takes a unique approach to divorce, revolved around mediation. Rather than hiring divorce attorneys who represent individual clients, that battle it out in court over child custody, alimony, retirement funds, and pensions; you and your spouse meet with a divorce attorney-mediator and have a private conversation about the division of all of your assets. This not only avoids the public confrontation of court, but it saves valuable time and money.

When choosing a mediator, be sure they are also a licensed and practicing family law attorney

While other businesses offer mediation, it is not always the professional help you are seeking. In most states, you do not need any qualifications to be a divorce mediator. Your neighbor, hairdresser, or even your ex could qualify themselves as a mediator – and we all know how that would end. Not only could these mediators make the process more complicated, but they could also make major mistakes that cost thousands of dollars to undo. We have seen many clients who choose mediation to avoid court, but because of their mediator’s lack of expertise they ultimately end up back in court to fix careless mistakes. SnapDivorce’s mediators are licensed and practicing family law attorneys who were trained in filing the paperwork correctly and submitting to deadlines promptly.  Their experience in court and familiarity with the outcome of most divorce cases gives them an incredible insight in guiding you to the most efficient solution.

Divorce attorney mediators will make suggestions based on their experience in court to help guide you to a decision

Efficiency is key. The longer the process takes, the more it costs. This is why SnapDivorce has adopted an evaluative approach to mediation. Rather than sitting back and letting the couple battle it out, as most non-attorney mediators do, the divorce attorney-mediators make suggestions that are guided by their previous experience in court. This eliminates unnecessary arguments and extended mediation sessions that can ultimately add up to a large sum of money. Someone who has practiced family law for years can immediately detect the outcome of a case in terms of alimony, child support, etc.

Rather than having attorneys counter each other’s arguments, an attorney-mediator can guide you to the price that will ultimately be decided on before the argument even takes place. We have seen the way most judges make their decisions and we can navigate the course in which the argument will settle out. This insight is second to none. It gives you a full understanding of the process while saving you time and confrontation. Aside from the different kinds of mediation, mediation itself will save you an abundant amount of time. A ligated divorce can take 2-3 years, while a mediated divorce will only take about 6 months.

Mediation limits both the time and money spent on the divorce process

The major difference in time comes from the stream of communication. In a ligated divorce, each of the parties has to communicate through their lawyer who will then reach out to the other party’s lawyer. This form of communication needs to be relayed through four people, rather than directly between the two parties. This in itself extends the process by 4x, dragging out each and every decision. Rather than playing a game of telephone, where constant miscommunications take place, the couple is presented with the opportunity to make compromises that are fair and guided.

This extended time then results in a higher expense. These hours spent communicating, organizing, and agreeing are all billable hours that can add up to thousands of dollars. This money could be saved in a handful of mediation sessions. SnapDivorce offers a free initial consultation, and from there, mediation sessions are scheduled based on the complexity of your case. Ultimately, a mediated divorce will cost anywhere from $4,000-$7,000 whereas a ligated divorce can cost $25,000 per person.

SnapDivorce has built a team of experienced, compassionate, and professional divorce attorney mediators. We understand that each divorce is unique, and mediation is not a one size fits all process. Because of this, we take an individualized approach in each mediation session that allows every couple to express their concerns. We will sit down with each couple and provide our input on the course of the divorce, giving you all of the knowledge we have acquired through watching ligation time and time again. From there, you and your spouse will make educated decisions that will ultimately divide your assets in the way you see fit. Our goal is to make your divorce, well – simple.

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