Male divorce mediator Kevin Handy

Kevin Handy, Esq.

Position: Mediator & Client Engagement

Years in Practice: 18
Education: J.D., Temple University School of Law, Summa Cum Laude; B.A., College of William & Mary
Areas Served: Pennsylvania: Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County

Kevin founded SnapDivorce with the singular goal of helping couples like you resolve their divorces amicably. Concerned by the animosity, stress, and staggering costs that often accompany the traditional divorce process, he resolved to develop a smoother, more efficient and affordable alternative. The idea for SnapDivorce was born out of simple inquiry of self-reflection: “if I was facing divorce, how would I want it to get resolved?”

Kevin boasts nearly two decades of experience as an attorney, but he takes pride in being a husband and father first and foremost. His unwavering dedication to his practice and family has compelled him to encourage divorcing couples to use divorce mediation as a constructive resolution tool, not only for themselves, but for their families as well. According to Kevin, once couples come in for their initial consultation, their relief is palpable:

“I see our clients’ worries and anxieties about divorce disappear as soon as they meet with one of our mediators, and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

Kevin also manages the communication channels for SnapDivorce, including its marketing initiatives and company blog. He believes the latter serves as a valuable client education platform designed to explain the divorce process and highlight the clear benefits of mediation through SnapDivorce. Kevin’s goal is to cultivate a brand name in divorce mediation synonymous with trust. “Our reputation is everything,” he explains.

In addition to being a divorce mediator with SnapDivorce, Kevin is a partner at the family law firm of Cooley & Handy.